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Excalibur #120

“Current Events”

Writer: Ben Raab

Pencils: Mel Rubi

Inks: Scott Koblish

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Letters: Richard Starkings & Kiff Scholl

Editors: Frank Pittarese & Jason White

Original publication date: May 1998

Because no one asked for it: it’s Gosh Golly Wow, Love Connection (?) Edition, where old-fashioned comic book romance meets modern-day podcast technology! In honor of the anticlimax of Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom’s torrid affair in Excalibur #120, “Current Events,” we answer some very real listener letters and solicit some very live calls all about ROMANCE. Is our romantic advice worth a parting glance…? You decide!

On maturity:

“The levels of misunderstanding between Piotr and Meggan are a little bit more mature and nuanced than what we’re seen previously.” -Andrew

On endings:

“This is the first issue where it’s clear that Ben Raab knows the series is ending.” -Mav

On "romance":

“It feels like Meggan waiting endlessly on the dock for her fiancé who never calls is being sold to us as a romantic ideal.” -Anna

On regression:

“It’s difficult knowing that some of the growing Kitty did in Excalibur is going to be walked back.” -Anna

On respect for Pete:

“I found it meaningful to see that ‘I love you’ might have meant more to Pete than to Kitty.” -Andrew

And as usual:

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-GGW Team