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Because you demanded it… we’re talking about the Marvel comic book Excalibur (1988-98), one issue per week for 126+ weeks.

What we do

We talk about Excalibur!

We also write and talk about other things related to comics and pop culture in our “day jobs” as academics. Here, though, we’re talking about the 1988-1998 Marvel comic book series Excalibur, the whole Excalibur, and nothing but Excalibur. We approach our discussions as “aca-fans” — that is, academics who are also fans.

Except in this case, our fandom comes first — we wouldn’t be talking about Excalibur for 126 hours if we weren’t unhealthily obsessed!

Who we are

Anna Peppard

Anna Peppard

Anna is a writer, talker, PhD-haver, part-time university instructor, and Kurt Wagner’s (unofficial) PR Manager. She’s the editor of the essay anthology Supersex: Sexuality, Fantasy, and the Superhero, co-host of the podcast Three Panel Contrast, and an occasional contributor to “The Claremont Run.” She wants to be the Kurt of the group, but is probably Rachel (minus the soul-crushing trauma).

Christopher "Mav" Maverick

Christopher "Mav" Maverick

Mav is a PhD candidate at Duquesne University, and an adjunct instructor of English, Communications, and Cultural Studies. He’s a lifelong comic book fan, writer, and artist. He’s also an avid blogger, photographer, and cultural and political critic, and co-host of the VoxPopcast podcast. Oh, and he used to be a professional wrestler… no really!

J. Andrew Deman

J. Andrew Deman

Andrew is a lecturer at St. Jerome’s University. He’s also the project lead of “The Claremont Run,” the largest academic study of Chris Claremont’s X-Men comics, and regularly publishes work on Claremont and comics. Andrew understands and respects that some people would like him to forgive Brian for his treatment of Meggan, but Andrew will never forgive Brian for his treatment of Meggan.

Our podcast debuted in February 2021. Check out the enhanced video version of our debut episode below!

Where can you listen?

Wherever you find your podcasts! You can also flip through the Episode Archive below, featuring enhanced content, episode highlights, and links to additional reading and resources!

what is excalibur?

It’s not quite about King Arthur… Get up to speed with what Excalibur is – and why you’re gonna love it! – with the ComicsXF Excalibur Primer, written with all requiste knowledge and enthusiasm by pod guest Liz Large and pod host Anna!

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reviews are in!

We have the loveliest listeners. Here’s what some of them are saying about the podcast.

A must listen for obsessed Excalibur, X-men, and Chris Claremont and Alan Davis fans

I love this deep dive on the X-men’s spin off that desperately needs to be broken down and elaborated on. I love the call outs on the characters and this reminds me how much I neglected Excalibur growing up. They really highlight what a gem this was.

If you like this, you LOVE this

There is a certain demographic, of which I am a member, that has been waiting for this podcast over 30 years. Academic and playful, it explains the unexpected obsession that some folks developed for a very strange, surprisingly deep, and bizarrely sexy corner of the X-men universe.

Finally Sorting It All Out!

After just a couple episodes of this podcast I realized that this is a book you needed to go back to start from and really pour over each page, not get too hung up on confusing points and just have fun with the ride! I’m excited to see where this title goes and to have a podcast to help unpack it all!

Every Saturday morning now I say to myself, “YES, IT’S PODCAST DAY!”


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