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Excalibur #113


Writer: Ben Raab

Pencils: Pete Woods

Inks: Scott Koblish

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft & Kiff Scholl

Editors: Matt Idelson, Kelly Corvese & Jason White

Original publication date: October 1997

This week, we’re definitely not making Bove/Bova puns as returning guest, comics scholar Bryan Bove, joins us to wonder why we’re in Wundagore in Excalibur #113, “Faith.” Also! Boybots get kisses and Pete Wisdom needs stitches and Lockheed needs better friends because he’s been missing for weeks and apparently nobody noticed…? All of that plus ruminations on the challenge of staying creative when your hobbies become your job.

On character types:

“I like when Raab writes 17-year-olds better than when he writes adults.” -Anna

On anticlimaxes:

“I want to know what happened behind the scenes of this issue, because this is clearly a massive anticlimax.” -Andrew

On status:

“We’ve talked before about Excalibur being the red-headed stepchild of the X-franchise. At this point, it’s being used as advertising for a Quicksilver solo series.” -Anna

On romance:

“Ben Raab was the editor for the first 19 issues of Generation X, and the Douglock and Rahne romance feels very Generation X to me.” -Bryan

On motivations:

“When Rahne admits that she wishes Douglock was Doug—it’s a horrible thought to have, and a great bit of writing.” -Anna

On branding:

“Black Air remains the absolute best spy organization, and I know this because their operatives apparently have sexy midriff tattoos of the spy organization’s logo.” -Anna

Want more Bryan Bove?

Want more Bryan Bove?

For more on what Bryan Bove gets up to, from writing to comics to writing about comics and comics about writing (and X-Men and queerness and disability!), check out his website.

You can also find him on BlueSky @nerdbove and at most social platforms under the same handle.

You can also check out his critical autoethnographic comic “‘Bobby…You’re Gay’: Marvel’s Iceman, Performativity, Continuity, and Queer Visibility” in The Routledge Companion to Gender and Sexuality in Comic Book Studies!

And as usual:

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