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Excalibur #98


Writer: Warren Ellis

Pencile: Carlos Pacheco

Inks: Bob Wiacek

Colours: Ariane Lenshoek

Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

Editor: Suzanne Gaffney

Original publication date: June 1996

Explosive change is in the air in Excalibur #98! Kurt Wagner definitely feels that (plus every tiny breeze) as he debuts a brand-new Carlos Pacheco-designed costume that our returning guest, writer, music critic, and Excalibur super-fan Quentin Harrison, describes as Eurotrash swashbuckler chic (*affectionate). In addition to full team coverage of Kurt’s flamboyant fashion, we’ve got more gushing about Pacheco and plenty of praise for an action-packed issue where everyone gets a chance to shine. Plus! The blessing of Papa Chris and Pete Wisdom’s pancake butt.  

On That Costume:

“The thing that interests me about this costume is how it distills the objectification of Nightcrawler, where his presumed monstrousness lets you get away with things I’m not sure you’d get away with if he was another type of male character.” -Anna

On synchronicity:

“Sometimes you read a comic and the art is great and the script is terrible. Sometimes the script is good but the art is awful. I love that in this book, art and script are in synch.” -Quentin

On the beauty of Nightcrawler:

“When I was reading this comic at eleven years old, I wasn’t thinking about the sexualization of Nightcrawler. But trying to give words to my younger self, I think I did see him as a beautiful man.” -Quentin

On Pacheco:

“For the first time since Alan Davis left, Excalibur has a position at Marvel where it has an elite level of visual artistry.” -Andrew

On hands:

“Carlos Pacheco does a lot of storytelling with hands…” -Anna

On role reversals:

“Brian is at the Hellfire Club, using his soft skills and exploiting his sexual appeal, while Meggan is on the strike team, being the team’s ‘bulldozer.’ I liked that role reversal.” -Anna

Want more Quentin Harrison?

Want more Quentin Harrison?

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