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Excalibur #84

“Dark Adapted Eye”

Writers: Warren Ellis & Scott Lobdell

Pencils: Daerick Gross

Inks: Bill Anderson

Colours: Joe Rosas

Letters: Jon Babcock

Editors: Suzanne Gaffney & Bob Harras

Original publication date: December 1994

We’re still adapting to this brand-new era in which Excalibur sucks less. But supernatural transformations are better with great company, and we’ve got that in spades talking demons, magic swords, and the girls who wear them best in Excalibur #84, “Dark Adapted Eye,” with returning guest Dr. Cait Coker! Plus Cait does Supernatural, Anna quotes Lucifer, and we contemplate hard-hitting questions like—why do so many demonic possession stories feature bad dancing and karaoke?

On artistry:

“Daerick Gross is having more fun drawing Nightcrawler than anyone since Dave Cockrum.” -Andrew

On demonic tropes:

“Demonic possession stories often remove a sense of responsibility from a character… once your soul has been replaced with a demon, you become pure ID.” -Cait

On hysterical gender stuff:

“I don’t like the discourses of female hysteria that attach to Meggan… How many times in the last year of comics have Meggan’s friends jammed a needle in her neck to knock her out? It just happened two issues in a row.” -Anna

On roommates:

“I don’t like some of the Soulsword retconning in this story… But I do really like the idea of Kitty talking to the sword as though it’s Illyana.” -Andrew

On demonic Nightcrawler:

“Demonic possession stories are risky with Nightcrawler because his whole thing was—he looks like a demon but isn’t. When people try to make his conflict about ‘am I a demon?’—that makes him boring.” -Anna

On code-switching:

“When Kurt is possessed by Gravemoss, it suggests the ways Kurt could look like more of a demon, depending on how he chooses to present himself.” -Anna

On unsexy demons:

“I was kinda irritated by possessed Nightcrawler because I assumed demonic possession would make him even sexier, but instead it was kinda dumb?” -Cait

On sympathic retconning:

“This is Ellis acknowledging that the Britannic storyline is stupid and he doesn’t want to talk about it.” -Mav

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