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Excalibur #76

“Dog Years”

Writing: Scott Lobdell & Richard Ashford

Pencils: Ken Lashley

Inks: Randy Elliott

Colours: Pat Garrahy & Chris Matthys

Letters: Pat Brousseau

Editors: Suzanne Gaffney & Bob Harris

Original publication date: April 1994

When you can teleport and so can your foster sister/girlfriend, going home again should be easy. But when you’re a persecuted mutant and a witch with a manipulative even-more-magical mother, it probably won’t be. So it is with Nightcrawler and Daytripper, who take a jaunt back to Germany and land right in the middle of a demon-spawned race riot. But this issue’s not all getting hit in the head with bricks from the Berlin Wall—there’s also a couples’ pole dance and a gravity defying hospital gown to talk about! And talk about it we do, with writer/artist/DJ/comedian Johnnie Walker! Also: cheesecake vs beefcake, incest taboos, and a heartwarming Ken Lashley story—this ep’s got it all!

On origins:

“I got the Nightcrawler action figure that came with the trading card, and I was like—who is this blue person? I want to know more.” -Johnnie

On the appeal of Nightcrawler:

“I always related to Nightcrawler because I was like—this guy looks as weird as I feel. And yet he manages to be so charming, and sexy, and confident in his appearance.” -Johnnie

On Winding Ways:

“Margali has always captivated my imagination and it’s hard to explain why. Nothing she does makes sense but that’s baked into the character… They’re just like well, it’s the Winding Way. That’s the answer to everything.” -Johnnie

On trauma responses:

“I liked that Kurt’s response to trauma was to fall back into a swashbuckling persona and hit on nurses. It shows what that persona means to Kurt and how it insulates and protects him.” -Andrew

On franchising:

“Kitty and Kurt are both dealing with trauma in this issue, but neither of them is dealing with traumas that happened in an issue of Excalibur… All of their feelings are ways to try and get you to buy other X-Men comics.” -Johnnie

On the appeal of Ken Lashley:

“With Ken Lashley’s art, you get the extreme 90s feel but there’s a softness to it as well.” -Johnnie

On presence and absence:

“I hate that I’m so aware that he has no penis. The Barbie-doll like smoothness is distracting, especially when everything else is so exaggerated.” -Mav

On the potential of Amanda:

“Amanda Sefton is a character that Claremont had always planned to be a major character, starring in various series and spinoffs that either got cancelled or never got off the ground.” -Andrew
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