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Excalibur #41

“At Last… The Reunion!”

Writers: Scott Lobdell and Dana Moreshead

Pencils: Dave Hoover

Inks: Christopher Ivy and Harry Candelario 

Colours: Glynis Oliver Mike Thomas 

Letters: Bill Oakley 

Editor: Terry Kavanagh 

Original publication date: September 1991

In Excalibur #41, “At Last… The Reunion!” Nightcrawler and not-Wolverine have one on-panel conversation, which is all the excuse Anna, Mav, and Andrew needed to talk about the epic romance—sexual or otherwise—between Logan and his favourite elf with fan, artist, writer, con-organizer, and self-professed Mad Cat Lady Sue Whisterfield! Plus! Tales of the 80s British fandom scene, feat. a certain Mr. Claremont and other familiar faces. We’ve also got words for the issue at hand, bemoaning the hugs, fights, and tears we didn’t get, before looking ahead to Alan Davis’ triumphant return.

On Logan's romantic life:

“Logan’s potential partners present potential life paths. Kurt can be read as what Donna Haraway describes as a ‘promising monster’ – a character who exists outside of clearly defined categories and is therefore emancipatory. Kurt is what Logan wants to be, and that automatically reads as romantic, because that’s how Logan works. That’s how he’s built.” -Andrew 

On the appeal of Kurt/Logan:

“There’s a lot of physical appeal between Kurt and Logan. Kurt’s animalistic features and Logan’s animalistic senses is a combustible combination. When I wrote Kurt/Logan slash, I particularly enjoyed writing from Logan’s perspective – imagining Logan’s sensual experience enjoying Kurt.” -Anna

On personal connections:

“In 2019, I was recovering from treatment for cancer. I was tired, and bored, and realized I could read comics digitally. And one of the first comics I ended up reading involved Kurt and Logan declaring their undying love and throwing themselves into the sun together. And I thought, good god, I’ve been shipping these two since 1980. I’m glad to know it’s still going on.” -Sue

On dynamics of objectification:

“The extreme fetishization of Rachel’s body in this issue isn’t always additive. When you use hypersexualized poses in a scene where a female character is supposed to be thoughtful, having complex emotions – that’s when we talk about objectification becoming a distraction. We’re distracted by her fetishistic presentation to the point where we actually have trouble listening to her voice.” -Anna

On anger:

“Kurt and Kitty especially should be pissed. They have every right to be upset. So do the readers.” -Mav 

On style:

“I’m most well-versed in art. And when I look at this art, I think – this is an artist who can only draw superheroes. They can only draw superheroes in superhero poses and superhero costumes.” -Sue

On the deferred reunion:

“I’m on team ‘I’m disappointed we didn’t get the reunion.’ Having the fake reunion take up so much of the issue, while the real union is off-panel… I would have liked to see that conversation.” -Andrew

On blue elves:

“I vividly remember, back in 1980, walking into the student union and declaring to my friends that I had a new elf, and this one was blue.” -Sue

Want more Sue Whisterfield?

Want more Sue Whisterfield?

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