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Excalibur #29

“Dream a Little Dream”

Writer: Michael Higgins

Pencils: Chris Wozniak

Inks: Josef Rubinstein

Colours: Glynis Oliver

Letters: Tom Orzechowski 

Editor: Terry Kavanagh 

Original publication date: October 1990

It’s a dreamy pod-friends reunion as the multitalented Wayne Wise, co-founder and co-host of VoxPopcast, joins Anna, Mav, and Andrew to say “weird” a dozen plus times about Excalibur #29, “Dream a Little Dream,” in which the dreams are nightmares and the nightmares involve anthropomorphic horse assemblages with very human breasts. It’s not the Excalibur Power Pack crossover of our dreams, but we make the most of what we’ve got, discussing Kurt’s insecurities and Meggan’s desires, plus good, bad, and ugly puberty metaphors! 

On puberty metaphors:

“I wish we could talk about the interesting puberty metaphors of Power Pack, but there’s really not a lot here. There’s really just the moment with Kurt where Alex is like, ‘Aw man, Nightcrawler’s different, and he’s cool. Maybe being a horse won’t be so bad!’” -Anna

On Brian’s dream:

“If I want to give this scene credit – Brian has a smile on his face after his head’s cut off. That’s interesting. It’s been established that Brian can’t die; his duty as Captain Britain means he’ll always be resurrected. That’s traumatized him. He’s also has suicidal thoughts before.” -Anna

On Meggan’s dream:

“It contradicts Claremont’s iteration of Meggan to make her a horribly jealous, superficial person. She’s not. When Brian is cheating with Courtney, Meggan’s thoughts about Courtney are about how she makes Meggan feel about her own insecurities. Meggan isn’t this classic jealous ‘other woman’ in a crappy love triangle. That’s not how the character was designed. That’s the surface misinterpretation of her through which the depth of the character is revealed.” -Andrew

On Kurt’s dream:

“Len Wein wrote Nightcrawler as a typical brooding ‘freak.’ Claremont said he wanted to go in a different direction. His take was: if you’re born this way, you would learn to accept yourself, or you wouldn’t survive. By the time Kurt joins the X-Men, he’s fairly comfortable with who he is. For him to have a nightmare about being a hideous freak, at this point in his history, doesn’t scan.” -Wayne   

More puberty metaphors:

“One of the things Power Pack deals with consistently is Alex growing up. I think what Higgins wanted to do is tell his version of the dealing with puberty story with this horse metaphor. I’m not saying it’s good; but it’s what he’s going for.” -Mav

On a truly nightmarish panel:

Wayne: “I think Anna needs to describe this panel for the listeners.”

Anna: *struggles*

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