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Excalibur #7

“Goblin Morn”

Writer: Chris Claremont

Pencils/Plotting: Alan Davis

Inks: Paul Neary

Colours: Glynis Oliver

Lettering: Tom Orzechowski and Augustin Mas

Editor: Terry Kavanagh 

Original Publication date: April 1989

In this episode, Anna, Mav, and Andrew are joined by film and comics scholar and self-professed Kitty Pryde fanboy Matt Linton (@ABoyCalledMonk) of The Kino Club 313 Blog for another day in the Inferno, discussing Excalibur #7, “Goblin Morn.” We celebrate Kurt’s healthy flirting with a (non-binary?) animate gargoyle, and talk Kitty as Final Girl/Cool Girl/Mary Sue, along with BDSM fashion and why throwing random ingredients and the recipe book into a fire doesn’t usually make a cake (unless you’re Nightcrawler).

This episode has an enhanced video version! Watch here:

On Excalibur’s relationship to the "Inferno" event:

“It’s fitting for Excalibur to be on the fringes of Inferno, dealing with ramifications. Because that’s how the team was founded—dealing with ramifications of bigger X-Men crises.” -Anna

“Inferno is at least 50% event as setting. Once you have hell on earth as a premise, you can bring in any character you want, without getting too hung up on who’s doing what where.” -Matt 

On the appeal of Nightcrawler as an identification character:

“I like Kurt as a character who tends to react to adventure with ‘cool we’re going on an adventure.’ Kurt’s all-in, and that makes him model enthusiasm for the reader.”-Andrew

More Nightcrawler identification:

“One of the things that always drew me to Nightcrawler is that he’s a character who’s physically different. He’s the character who can’t hide, and at a certain point, chooses not to. That’s what I always responded to. He’s a character who’s willing to exist as he is, and be who he is.”-Matt

On Kurt’s defining acceptance:

“The relationship with the gargoyle signals the crux of Kurt’s character. Kurt is willing to give you humanity through the simple fact of you stating your humanity.” -Mav

On Kurt Wagner’s sexual chemistry:

Anna: “Did we read the gargoyle as male or female and does it matter?”

Matt: “Kurt’s a bit like Oscar Isaac—he has sexual chemistry with everyone.”

On Kitty Pryde as horror movie Final Girl:

“Typically, the horror movie Final Girl defeats the monster by taking on a symbolically phallic role. The last confrontation is her taking the sword and slicing Brian open.” -Mav

More Final Girl thoughts:

“Kitty is an innocent victim character who also has the symbolic attribute of being invincible. She’s both ideal and imperfect as a final girl because she can’t really be hurt. Unless you change the rules, so they do.”-Andrew

More Final girl thoughts:

“One of the conventions of the Final Girl is that they’re initially less sexualized, but become more so, because the threat is a sexual threat. Kitty’s confrontations with Brian mirror that.”-Matt

On Brian's climactic fashion:

Anna: “Compared to Havok’s Goblin Prince outfit… this is more. A lot more.”

Andrew: “Or less.”

Plus! Our friend @HallofGeekdom made some wonderful “Mojoverse posters” inspired by this issue/episode!

Want more?

Want more?

For more on what Matt Linton gets up to, you can find him on Twitter (@ABoyCalledMonk) and at The Kino Club 313 Blog. And be sure to check out his essay “Blood and Fire: Monstrous Women in Carrie and the ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’” appearing in Gender and Contemporary Horror in Comics, Games and Transmedia. 

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